The New Tatanksun Blue & Black tattoo Watc

Combined with the symbols of natural mathematics and the latest technology, distinguished with simple
Design and high wearing comfort, a watch of a special kind. The watch – you read the time, the watch reads your organism.
The watch – a tool of perfect functions: The central nervous system controls the autonomic nervous system and all the
functions of the human organism. Today’s influences disturb this function. (see New EDGE).
The heart of the watch, the chip, optimizes this control and thus improves the processes with the help of the negative ions.
To support the processes and links between the central and autonomic nervous system. The chip installed in the cover of the watch contains three sensors that measure the positive and negative ions present in the organism and can read the link between the central and autonomic nervous systems.
These measured results are the momentary basis of the organism.
These are balanced by the chip and the bracelet in case of missing elements. Thus, the communication between central and vegetative nervous system is promoted in the best possible way. The measuring process causes the synaptic gap to relax; as a result, the organism can conduct oxygen better. From which the whole body benefits. To make this possible, negative ions are integrated in the watch with the chip 3.7 / 2500 for the vegetative and for the central nervous system.



Made of stainless steel with NAO Japan technology new CHIP- 3.7

Tatanka Sun The Black & Blue Tattoo

Japan NAO Technologie

Black Edition 

Mit Glass Boden & Neuen Chip 3.7

Blue Edition

Neues Zifferblatt 

The Watch – a tool made of high quality:

Technical data: 2 years Warranty

Case: Kevlar Titanium and 316L Stainless Steel Ceramic
Movement: 9S65 from Grand Seiko (Japan)
Crystal: sapphire crystal class 3, scratch resistant
3ATN: water resistant to 30 meters
Chip: 3.7 control chip
Bracelet, stainless steel
1250 anions (for the autonomic nervous system)
1250 negative ions (for the central nervous system)
Article No. 0037-200 to 0037-210005
TS ESMD0111/ 0211
1 x 2500 ions with control – chip 3.7

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